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Persian Baktieri Handmade Rug Handmade Heriz rug from North West of iran. 100% wool. 3.5 X 2.5 metres Was $4900. Selling for $2200

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Welcome to Silk Road Rugs and Tours, the home of exquisite handmade Turkish and Persian rugs sourced from countries along the famous Silk Road such as India, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan and Iraq. In fact we are your premier destination for handcrafted rugs Melbourne.


Our fantastic Iraqi cattle rug is a piece of history embodying the intricacies of Kilim carpet manufacturing.

The symbols woven into Iraqi’s carpets can be traced back to the Babylonians in 2000BC or to the Asyrians who followed and used circles, squares, stylized animals or flowers.

The organic dyes used were made from indigenous plant roots or flowers. These dyes produced distinctive vivid colours from burnt orange and fuschias to deep reds and browns.

Our beautiful rare rug reflects these typical colours and is an absolute must to add to your collection. It once adorned the back of either a camel or a horse or perhaps even a cow. A special feature is the stitching down the centre where both halves do not match, adding to the interest of an already amazingly unique piece of weaving.

You might like to lay this rug at your feet but it makes a sensational wall hanging. We invite you to come and see it for yourself. It is a treat to behold! The measurements are 1.5 X 1.1 metres and the price is a steal at $3500.

Handmade Iraqi Rug

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Apart from stocking beautiful handmade rugs in Melbourne, we also stock handmade ceramics, lamps, handbags, jewellery, scarves, clothes, cushions, bed and table covers, antiques, wall hangings and paintings all originating from countries along the Silk Road.

We have an extensive range of colourful and unique items for your home which you can see both on our website and in our showroom in Northcote, Victoria. You can even purchase our rugs online from our Melbourne shop.

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We have a large range of exquisite handmade oriental rugs in our Melbourne store in many different designs and styles. No matter what your taste or interior decorating style is, you are sure to find just the perfect rug that will suit your style from our range.

Whether you are looking for a bright and colourful floor rug in Melbourne for your lounge or bedroom depicting traditional Turkish life or something a little more abstract, we are sure to have what you are looking for. We also have runners for your hallway or entry and rugs that you can use as wall hangings.

Silk Road Rugs And Tours is Melbourne’s leading supplier of handmade, oriental rugs. We specialise in Persian rugs, , Kilim rugsSoumak rugs and Turkish rugs. We also facilitate tours including IndiaPakistanUzbekistanKyrgyzstan and Iran

Personalised tours available on request and to other countries.

Our rugs are exceptionally beautiful and an amazing enhancement to any home.

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