3 Amazing Reasons To Get Handmade Ceramics Over Others

If you are planning to purchase ceramic products for ornamentation or any other purposes, there are specific factors to look into, before ordering the the right one.  Not all earthenware is created equal. You should always look into some of the basic details to identify the durability of the products.

Handmade ceramics in Melbourne are considered very durable and attractive. Let us look at some of the facts to justify it.

Handmade Ceramics in Melbourne are Much More Durable

Lowly heated ceramics (burned through bisque firing) are usually less expensive and are less durable than the high fired ones.  Even glazed earthenware goes through a layer of firing. Therefore, a glossy or colourful ceramic does not guarantee durable high-fired products.  These items can be easily glazed under low fire setting at comparatively low temperature. Such ceramic ware is not suitable for applications such as dining purposes. Since, you will need to clean them frequently and the products might not withstand such frequent washing. Handmade clays are the best form of pottery that is more suitable for this sort of use. The ceramics are heated at high temperature and are usually very durable.

Ignore Buying Poorly Glazed Ceramic Wares

While ordering ceramics, don’t just stop at the clay condition. Glazing plays an important part in it too. Poorly glazed items can leach out chemicals, stain and ultimately lose their colours, even after being deemed food safe. Many of the manufactured ceramics will not live up to the uses they are marketed for. So, you need to collect as much details as possible.

The decoration purposes of the ceramic wares are important too. When placing your expensive pots around high heat areas, such as hearth or fire place, the low glazed items can crack or chip away easily. Moreover, if it is an area that requires frequent cleaning, the poor earth ware can face issues too.

Many handmade ceramics in Melbourne are well glazed and heated under high temperature making it highly durable and ineffective to such issues. You can easily use them without chemicals leaching out and ultimately discolouring. It can be cleaned well too.

Handmade Ceramics In Humid Conditions

If you are living in a wet area, porous pots are not a great idea, as long as the items are vitreous. If you want to purchase stoneware while living in a humid area, ensure that the:

  • Potteries are fired to maturity
  • Crystalline structure is unified
  • The glazing is perfect

Otherwise, your earth ware items might be damaged.

It is difficult to determine if your normal china ware sets are glazed properly and matured using strong heat. You should speak to the designer to collect all the answers to your queries. Handmade ceramics in Melbourne do not have these glazing issues that give rise to discolouration and leaching chemicals. Whether you are an occasional user or prefer to use your potteries for regular use, our ceramics are the best you can get!