best interior decorator Melbourne
08 Nov

Here are 6 innovating ideas from the top interior designers to decorate the interior of your home. Transform your place into an elegant haven for you live peacefully.

  1. Use decorative mirrors to add instant light to your living space
    Using a mirror you can make a small space appear larger. In case you have larger rooms. Adding mirrors directly across the window will allow lights to be reflected all over the place. On the other hand, mirrors can also be used for decorative purposes. A specially crafted and designed mirror can add lieu of art to an empty room. Long things short, mirrors can add both light and dimensions to your rooms.
  1. Slip into something a little more comfortable
    Slip covers are used to change the appearance of your furniture based on the seasonal changes. Additionally, these coverings lets you rest comfortably without having to worry about spills that may ruin the furniture. Slip covers are essential for rooms that are frequently visited by children. You can easily get customised slip covers online or retails. Use these covers varieties of patterns and designs to enhance the aesthetic appeal and add a layer of sophisticated elegance to your living space.
  1. Wicker baskets
    If you are looking for a cost-effective yet elegant storage option for your rooms and living space then wicker baskets are a great option. You can store lots of unwanted yet sentimental items such as old books, magazines, toys, blankets and towels. You can place a few small wicker baskets near the counter-tops in your kitchen to store fruits and vegetables.
  1. Add a hanging pot holder to your kitchen
    Kitchens should be kept warm and tidy at all times. A significant amount of time is spend each day in the kitchen. We prepare and serve our meals here. Some even use it for entertaining purposes. According to the best interior decorator Melbourne, by adding hanging pot racks you can enhance the usefulness and elegance of your kitchen. The hanging pots not only provides attractiveness, it also frees up the cupboards from storing pots or other items. Instead you can use them for other purposes.
  1. Go green
    Adding plants to your living room can make your place seem more alive. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to decorate your home or office, adding plant can add that missing vibrancies that your place was missing. Besides being beautiful, plants can help clean the indoor air and balance the level of humidity inside. They can absorb toxic gases and remove them from the air.  Plus, what other ways can you make yourself feel close to the nature? By looking at plants you can reduce your stress level by almost 50% instantly.
  1. Handcrafted rugsrugs
    Rugs and carpets add warmth and grace to any room it is laid upon. You cannot deny the comfort of burying your feet under these rugs during the cold winter, while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. Neither can you deny the curiosity and the sense of intrigue, whenever you see unique handcrafted rugs laid over the floor to welcome the guests. Adding a rug to the floor can also help reduce the chances of accidents by slip. You can find plenty of handcrafted rugs in Melbourne from online or décor stores nearby. These rugs and carpets are available in different colours and patterns. Make the most out of these resources and use them to add a layer of decorative touch to any room that needs it.


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