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Designing a space, be it a room in your home or office space, includes assembling a few key components like colour schemes, furniture pieces, décor and much more. However, the interiors of any room would not be complete without a small but significant detail – lighting. While the vast majority would consider lighting a minor or irrelevant detail in design, it assumes a significant role in creating the ambience of a room.

Here at Silk Road Rugs And Tours, we will assist you with searching for the ideal mosaic lamps Thornbury for your space. It is our goal to find for you mosaic lamps Thornbury that is comforting, amazing and wonderful. Also, we offer mosaic lamps Thornbury at most competitive costs so you will without a doubt get your money’s worth.

We are not your commonplace lighting store. We go past the idea of the run of the mill lighting system since we accept that lighting should not simply be another item that will stay out of sight. Instead we offer mosaic lamps Thornbury that is central piece of your room décor. This is the reason our mosaic lamps Thornbury are designed in different styles and colours that grab the eye of any individual who walks into the room with their classy and mind boggling details.

Go through our wide range of mosaic lamps Thornbury, Turkish lamps and modern lighting that fir every preference and individual style.

Contact Silk Road Rugs And Tours today if you are looking for mosaic lamps Thornbury and other products in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. Based on your overall budget, we will provide you with the best possible mosaic lamps Thornbury solution.

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Handmade Oriental Rugs Melbourne

Welcome to Silk Road Rugs and Tours, the home of exquisite handmade Turkish and Persian rugs sourced from countries along the famous Silk Road such as India, Pakistan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. In fact we are your premier destination for handcrafted rugs Melbourne.
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The Best Handmade Rugs, Lamps, Handmade Ceramics Melbourne

Apart from stocking beautiful handmade carpet rugs in Melbourne, we also stock handmade ceramics, lamps, handbags, jewellery, scarves, cushions, bed and table covers, wall hangings and paintings all originating from countries along the Silk Road.

We have an extensive range of colourful and unique items for your home which you can see both on our website and in our showroom in Northcote, Victoria. You can even purchase our rugs online from our Melbourne shop.

Handcrafted Oriental Rugs And Carpets

We have a large range of exquisite handmade oriental rugs in our Melbourne store in many different designs and styles. No matter what your taste or interior decorating style is, you’re sure to find just the perfect rug that will suit your style from our range.

Whether you’re looking for a bright and colourful floor rug in Melbourne for your lounge or bedroom depicting traditional Turkish life or something a little more abstract, we’re sure to have what you’re looking for. We also have runners for your hallway or entry and rugs that you can use as wall hangings.

Colourful Mosaic Best Handmade Lamps Melbourne

Our range of colourful mosaic handmade lamps will surely delight and inspire you. Their shapes and designs are unique and reminiscent of an era long gone. One of these gorgeous lamps is sure to brighten up even the darkest corner of your home.

Unique Traditional Handbags

Unlike the mass produced handbags available today, our beautiful range of bags is both unique, colourful and highly versatile. We have bags with colourful woven designs as well as sequinned bags and shopping bags that will help you to stand out from the crowd.

There are so many to choose from that you’re bound to find one or two that you will absolutely fall in love with.

Cushion Covers

Our colourful cushions covers feature intricate designs which depict bright and enchanting scenes as well as  beautiful woven patterns in a variety of colour ways.

Leather Accessories

At Silk Road Rugs we also have a range of quality leather accessories such as belts, luggage tags and coin purses. These products are truly unique and cannot be found anywhere else.

Need More Information?

If you would like some more information about our beautiful range of products, please feel free to give us a call on 0433 457 563 or send an email to You can also visit our Melbourne rug showroom at 306 High Street, Northcote.

For the most gorgeous oriental rugs in Melbourne, you simply can’t go past Silk Road Rugs.

Silk Road Rugs & Tours is Melbourne’s leading supplier of handmade, oriental rugs. We specialise in Persian rugs, Persian carpets, antique rugs, Kilim rugs and Turkish rugs. We also facilitate tours including India tours, Pakistan tours, Uzbekistan tours and Kyrgyzstan tours.
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