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Do you love the look and feel of high quality kilim rugs? For the best range of kilim rugs for sale in Melbourne, you simply must pay a visit to Silk Road Rugs. We have the best range of the finest kilim rugs available in Melbourne sourced from our trips to various countries along the famous Silk Road route.
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The Best Kilim Rugs Available in Melbourne

No matter what style of home decor you have, you can now buy kilim rugs in Melbourne to suit your decorating style. Whether you want some unique and colourful rugs to lay on your timber floors or you want one or two to hang on your walls, you’re sure to find just the right colour and design of kilim rugs for sale at Silk Road Rugs.

What Is A Kilim Rug?

A kilim rug is a flat weave rug, rather than one which is knotted with individual strands of fibre. In a kilim rug the design is woven into the rug with the weft threads through the warp threads. The warp threads are the strands which run from top to bottom whereas the weft threads are woven horizontally usually from right to left.

As the weft threads are woven in, they are packed down tight so that the warp threads are virtually invisible from the surface of the rug. Most kilim rugs have geometrical or diagonal  patterns however you can find some with floral designs as well.

Kilim rugs are usually woven with wool or sometimes cotton. Cotton is most commonly used for the warp threads because of its strength and its ability to keep its shape. Cotton also retains its natural whiteness even with age and because it can be spun into thin, fine strands, it is often interwoven in with the  wool to highlight certain parts of a design.

Wide Range Of Colours And Sizes Available

At Silk Road Rugs we have a wide range of kilim floor rugs available in a variety of colours and sizes. You can find beautiful area rugs for your lounge or bedroom floor or stunningly designed runners for your hallway.

Kilim rugs are also ideal as wall hangings because they are generally lighter than knotted rugs and look great hanging as a piece of artwork.

Purchase Your Kilim Rugs Online Or From Our Shop

At Silk Road Rugs you have the option of purchasing a beautiful and unique kilim rug online and have it delivered to your home or you can visit our shop in Northcote and pick out a design in person.

Either way, you will most likely find a stunning kilim rug that you’re sure to fall in love with.

Would You Like More Information? Contact the Kilim Rug Experts Today!

If you’d like more information about our gorgeous kilim rugs, feel free to give us a call on (03) 9489 1313 or send us an email to

You can also visit our store at 306 High Street, Northcote and come and see our range in person.

Silk Road Rugs & Tours is Melbourne’s leading supplier of handmade, oriental rugs. We specialise in Persian rugs, Persian carpets, antique rugs, Kilim rugs and Turkish rugs. We also facilitate tours including India tours, Pakistan tours, Uzbekistan tours and Kyrgyzstan tours.
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