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Buy Turkish Rugs for Sale Melbourne

There’s nothing quite like a Turkish rug to add colour, warmth and style to your home. At Silk Road Rugs we have the best range of Turkish rugs Melbourne has to offer and at very affordable prices. Whether you want a colourful rug to put on your lounge room floor, a geometric designed runner for your hallway or a lovely kilim rug to hang on your wall, you’ll find just what you’re looking for right here at Silk Road Rugs.
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The Best Turkish Rugs Available in Melbourne

We travel the Silk Road route often to find stunning and quality rugs, so that we always have a wide variety of Turkish rugs for sale in our Melbourne shop.

At Silk Road Rugs we have a stunning array of rug designs and colours for you to choose from. As red features very prominently in Turkish rugs, we have lots of rugs which incorporate some shades of red into their design. These type of rugs add a certain warmth and charm to any style of home decor, whether it’s modern or more traditional.

Many Designs And Colours To Choose From

Different shades of green and blue are also quite common in Turkish rugs for sale, as are different shades of brown. No matter what your colour preference is, you’ll find that the colours in our fine Turkish rugs are always beautifully blended to create a stunning piece of art.

The designs depicted on the rugs are as varied as their colours. From bold geometric shapes to beautiful floral designs, there’s bound to be one or even two, that you’ll instantly fall in love with.  Some rugs may even have designs which depict traditional Turkish life and hence tell a story.

Some History on Turkish Rugs

It is believed that Turkish rug weaving began somewhere around the 13th century when the Turkish tribes from central Asia settled in the Anatolian region. These rugs were woven more out of necessity than as works of art to cover the earthen floors and protect from damp and cold.

Around the 16th century, rugs were commissioned by wealthy land owners and palace artists to adorn palaces and wealthy homes. The rugs produced during this period were called Classical Ottoman Rugs or Palace rugs.

During the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, rug weaving centres were established in many provinces including Usak and Bergama.  By the 19th and 20th centuries, Turkish rugs began to receive worldwide recognition, especially those woven in Hereke near Istanbul. These rugs were initially only woven for the sultans of the Ottoman empire.

Even today, the designs and materials of each Turkish rug can give a clue as to which region it originated from. Rugs woven in villages are often made from wool only whereas rugs woven in towns and cities may have a combination of both wool and cotton.

How To Evaluate The Quality Of A Turkish Rug

Whereas all authentic Turkish rugs are of high quality and will appreciate in value as they age, there are some differences in how valuable each rug is. The finest and therefore, most valuable Turkish rugs are those that have the greatest number of hand-tied knots per square inch.

150 knots per square inch is regarded as fairly average while rugs of the finest quality may have a knot count of up to 500 knots per square inch. Obviously, the higher the knot count, the more valuable the rug will be.

It’s quite easy to determine the knot count of a rug by turning it over and looking at the underside. The more distinctive the design is the more knots per square inch have been used to create the rug.

Generally speaking, rugs with curvilinear or floral designs tend to have the highest knot count. Rugs with geometric designs generally will have a lower knot count per square inch as the designs themselves do not require as many knots to create.

Bear in mind though, that knot count is only one way of evaluating the quality and value of a Turkish rug. The quality of materials used and the age of the rug itself is also a determining factor of its value.

The Motifs On A Turkish Rug All Tell A Story

Traditionally, the motifs used on Turkish rugs all have a certain meaning and the way they are placed on a rug will tell a fascinating story of the people, mainly women, who weave them.

Generally, each region will use the same type of motifs which is like a language for that area. This is one of the reasons why a person experienced in Turkish rugs will be able to tell you which region the rug came from.

Now You Can Buy Your Turkish Rugs From Our Melbourne Shop Online

If you’ve fallen in love with one of our gorgeous Turkish rugs but can’t get to our Northcote store, you can now buy our Turkish rugs online and have them delivered to your home. There’s no easier way to get your hands on a beautiful and high quality Turkish rug than from Silk Road Rugs.

Want More Information? Give Us A Call

If you’d like some more information about our beautiful Turkish rugs or any other items on our website, please feel free to give us a call on (03) 9489 1313 or you can send an email to

You are also most welcome to visit our showroom which is located at 306 High Street, Northcote.

For the finest quality Turkish rugs at affordable prices, there’s no better place than Silk Road Rugs. We spend many months exploring the regions along the Silk Road to find only high quality and unique Turkish rugs for our customers.

We are always adding to our range, so please check back often to see what other treasures we have available. As well as beautiful Turkish rugs we also have gorgeous ceramics, hand woven bags, delightful lamps and of course, woven cushion covers and table runners.

Contact the Turkish Rug Experts Today!

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