Dawn Skye is a facilitator of transformation and activation. Dawn practices a number of modalities
including Reconnective Healing, Sound Healing using harmonic toning and traditional native healing
instruments and Therapeutic Touch. She has been receiving intuitive guidance since a child, which has
guided herself and her clients forward on their life paths. Dawn combines facets of these modalities as
is best required for your optimum outcome.

About Reconnective Healing
Reconnective Healing® re-connects us directly to the Universal Life Force energy, which automatically
restores balance to the body’s electromagnetic and auric fields. Return to optimal balance can induce
spontaneous, dramatic and permanent change.
Reconnective Healing® is a new, tangible spectrum of multi - dimensional healing frequencies that have
been on the planet since 1993 when it was discovered by Dr. Eric Pearl. Dawn was fortunate to be
trained by Dr Eric Pearl himself in 2004 and has witnessed powerful change and transformations in her
clients with both in person and distance healing sessions.

Time and costs:
Reconnective Healing - Each session typically lasts up to 60 minutes including 45 minutes lying down
plus extra time for feedback and discussion. It is suggested you experience 1-3 Reconnective Healing
sessions. The cost is $120.00 per person with a discount for booking three.

Distance Energy Healing
Dawn currently offers reconnective healing via distance, which operates through the quantum field and
is just as powerful as being there in person.
During a distance energy healing session, Dawn acts as a tuning device to focus the energy healing
frequencies for you, helping you to come into direct contact with this Divine aspect of yourself, which is
always within you, but is often unknown and not usually seen or experienced in our busy everyday lives.
Coming into conscious awareness and in direct contact with this Divine aspect of your nature results
in perfect balance, peace, bliss and allows your body to naturally transform and effortlessly activate on
cellular and energetic levels to achieve balance and wholeness, and let go of imbalance and
diseases that are not serving your life purpose.