Sound Healing with Kamil Wolyniec featuring a range of musical instruments including singing bowls, drums, flutes etc.

Ethno-Sound Healing & Meditation Journey

You will be taken on a grounding and relaxing journey through India, Tibet, South America, Middle East with healing frequencies of various instruments (flutes, drums, gongs, handpan etc). This vibrational journey serves as a powerful vehicle allowing access to deeper states of the mind and heart and is complemented by the guided inner exploration (mindfulness, self-compassion and breathwork)
Kamilindo (Dr Kamil Wolyniec) is a multi-instrumentalist with a background in psychology and eastern spiritual traditions. He is interested in music therapy, meditation/mindfulness and somatic practices as healing modalities. He has been offering his workshops throughout Australia in various settings : community centres, corporate world, schools, yoga studios, wellness retreats and festivals eg. Melbourne Fringe, Rainbow and World Music Festival in Kolkota, India.

He regularly lectures about therapeutic applications of sound, music and movement for New York University students enrolled in Complementary & Alternative Mental Health course.